Inbox Zero with Outlook Quick Steps



Recently, I found myself caught in a sales cadence from someone trying to sell me things I didn’t need. One of the emails amusingly read, “Hey, you still haven’t responded to any of my emails.” Given that all these emails were unsolicited, I couldn’t care less.

When dealing with unsolicited emails, my go-to actions are “Archive” or “Report junk.” This helps me clear my inbox quickly and focus on important emails. Besides unsolicited messages, I also receive automated and actionable emails, such as invoices and requests.

Outlook Quick Steps
Outlook Quick Steps in my Inbox

Outlook’s “Quick Steps” feature is ideal for managing these efficiently. With just one click, a quick action can reply to an email, forward it to someone else, or delete it. What makes this feature powerful is its ability to perform multiple actions in sequence, saving you a lot of time.

Here’s an example of a simple “Thank you” email you could send to vendors who’ve sent offers you don’t need right now. This action not only replies but also archives the email, clearing your inbox quickly and efficiently.

Quick Step Example from my Outlook
Quick Step Example from my Outlook

Other useful quick actions might include:

  • Forwarding an email to the help desk or another colleague
  • Sending a bill to your Accounts Payable department

By utilizing Outlook’s “Quick Actions,” you can maintain a clean and organized inbox while handling necessary tasks with ease.

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