Rule Microsoft Teams and OneDrive with SysKit Security Manager


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Backing the day when I started working with the SharePoint platform (SharePoint 2003) not everyone in your company could not easily obtain control or provision their site collection.

When SharePoint Online was released as part of Office 365 you still had to negotiate with your Global Admin or SharePoint admin to get a site collection. But now with all the wonderful services in Office 365 end-users are empowered to have easy access to all the benefits SharePoint provides.

Provisioning SharePoint sites have never been easier. Wanna new Team Site or a Communication site? Just go to the SharePoint home of your Office 365 tenancy and BAM! you have a new site collection. Depending on the options you select you might provision yourself accompanying Office 365 Group or a Microsoft Team.

Back in the days of SharePoint 2003 (and other newer on-prem versions), sharing content with external users was also a daunting task that required a lot of infrastructure work on the IT department side to allow external users to connect to a SharePoint site in an extranet scenario.

All these developments are great for any company and help millions of end-users to be more productive, while also helping to reduce the burden on the IT department. As SharePoint environments migrate to the cloud the role of IT changes from maintaining infrastructure and provisioning assets to managing security, protecting and monitoring against data leakage.

Here is how SysKit Security Manager can help with all of that in Office 365:



  • Manage security settings for all Microsoft Teams from a central console
  • Bulk manage memberships for Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups
  • Clone an existing team


  • List all the Guest accounts in a Microsoft Teams
  • Storage used per each OneDrive
  • View storage warnings for each OneDrive approaching the warning or critical threshold.
  • Check OneDrive adoption rate and user activity
  • OneDrive with guest access and orphaned users

Whether you’re a SharePoint admin, site collection admin or consultant, SysKit Security Manager will help you control the security of your environment. Give it a try for free or schedule 1-on-1 demo.

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