How to handle GDPR from a SharePoint perspective?



GDPR or European Union General Data Protection Regulation has become an ever-present topic in every company that has operations, employees or customers in EU. Regulation will start applying from 25th May 2018, so you need to prepare your SharePoint adequately.

More than 200 000 organizations and 190 million users use SharePoint today, so there are a lot of professionals wondering what should they do and how to prepare their SharePoint environment to be GDPR compliant.

Since uploading a file to SharePoint is a very easy thing to do and you can quickly end up having personal data scattered all around, that’s why it is essential to educate everyone in your organization about GDPR principles. Because of problems like this, the first step for your company should be to set up some security and governance rules and educate the teams!

To minimize data security risk, you should:

  • Enforce strong record management,
  • Be aware of who has access to what,
  • Track who changed or accessed personal data,
  • Enforce governance policies,
  • Classifying your SharePoint objects to know where the private data is stored.

How can SPDocKit help you?

To help you prepare your environment for GDPR and to stay in compliance, we at SysKit developed SPDocKit 7.3 – GDPR edition. With features like tagging SharePoint objects that contain sensitive data, ensuring you know who has done what in your environment, detection whether auditing is turned on and complete control over SharePoint permissions you will make your SharePoint management a lot easier especially regarding the new regulation.

To learn more about GDPR and what effect will it have on SharePoint you can download free guide.

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