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SPDocKit 5
SPDocKit 5

In early December my great team at Acceleratio delivered the biggest release of SPDocKit ever. When we started building version 1 in 2010 we wanted to create a tool that would help administrators save dozens of hours spent manually documenting their SharePoint farm configuration and help them do it in just a few clicks. These last four years have been an amazing ride as we’ve grown SPDocKit from a tool that just documents a simple subset of SharePoint features to a comprehensive SharePoint administration toolkit.

In release 5 we wanted to tackle one of the most complicated problems SharePoint admins face in their day-to-day operations: permissions management. Managing permissions in a large organization can require a lot of effort and a lot of boring “manual” labor. At Acceleratio, we believe there are much better things to do in life than adding a user to 100 different site collections one by one. The Permissions Management feature comes with many small and easy-to-use tools for editing permissions for a user across different site collections, transferring permissions from one user to another, cloning permissions, managing group memberships, removing disabled users, and much more.

But is not just permissions management. You know that moment when your manager says: “Hey, I want you to enable versioning for all the document libraries in our site collection with 1,000 sites and many more thousands of document libraries… and BTW I need that by Monday,” and you immediately know that your weekend plans are all ruined? Well, not anymore. With our built-in feature, Rules and Queries, you can easily change not just versioning settings but myriad other settings across your lists, document libraries, and sites. Let the computers do the work while you enjoy your weekend!

There are many more great features—check out this gallery:

I look forward to 2015, as we are working on some really cool stuff for DocKit 6. Stay tuned! I wish you all the best for the upcoming New Year!

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