GuideMeThrough SharePoint courseware is here!

We are very happy to announce the first version of GuideMeThrough SharePoint courseware – affordable courseware for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online! In this release we are focusing on document libraries, content types and SharePoint security.

Each guide can be purchased separately, and each comes in 3 different flavors:

Documents-02 Document-Edit Command-Refresh

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Our guides:

CoverLarge Document Libraries - The Basics CoverLarge Document Versioning

Document Libraries – The Basics

Document Versioning

  • Create a document library
  • Add a document library link to Quick Launch
  • Modify the document library default view
  • Check the list of users with access to the document library
  • Delete a document library
  • Recover a document library from the recycle bin
  • Create a new document
  • Create a new folder
  • Upload an existing document
  • Upload multiple documents
  • Change document properties
  • Download a copy of a document
  • Move documents to a different folder
  • Copy a document to another library
  • Update document copies
  • Remove links between document copies
  • Delete a document
  • Recover a document from the recycle bin
  • Recover multiple items from the recycle bin
  • Turn document library check out requirement on and off
  • Turn document library version control on and off
  • Turn document library content approval on and off
  • Create and check in a new document
  • Upload and check in an existing document
  • Modify document library default view to contain versioning info
  • Check out a document for editing
  • Edit and check in a document online
  • Edit and check in a document in Microsoft Word
  • Keep file checked out after checking in your changes
  • Change document properties with versioning
  • Discard document changes
  • Check out and check in multiple documents
  • View a previous document version
  • Restore a previous document version
  • Delete previous document versions
  • Create document alerts
  • Manage files that have no checked in version
  • Approve and reject documents
CoverLarge Document Library Views CoverLarge Document Collaboration

Document Library Views

Document Collaboration

  • Create a simple document view
  • Create a view with grouped items
  • Create a filtered view
  • Modify a document library view
  • Change document library default view
  • Delete a document view
  • Use dynamic views
  • Use Quick Edit view
  • Set up Navigation Hierarchies
  • Use Navigation Hierarchies
  • Add a new user
  • Add users to a group
  • Remove users from a group
  • Change site access request settings
  • Share a site
  • Share a document
  • Follow a document
  • Turn external sharing on and off
  • Share a site with an external user
  • Share a document with an external user
  • Share a document by creating an anonymous guest link
  • Disable an anonymous guest link
  • Withdraw an invitation
  • Manage external users
CoverLarge SharePoint Security CoverLarge Content Types and Document Sets

SharePoint Security

Content Types and Document Sets

  • Create a new group
  • Delete a group
  • Add a new user
  • Add users to a group
  • Remove users from a group
  • Create a subsite with inherited permissions
  • Create a subsite with unique permissions
  • Create a new permission level
  • Break library permission inheritance
  • Break file permission inheritance
  • Break list permission inheritance
  • Break list item permission inheritance
  • Restore library permission inheritance
  • Restore file permission inheritance
  • Restore list permission inheritance
  • Restore list item permission inheritance
  • Check permissions for a user or group
  • Restore permission inheritance for the entire site
  • Create a site column
  • Create a content type
  • Allow content type management for a list or library
  • Use content types in a library
  • Use content types with document templates
  • Use content types in a list
  • Remove a content type from a library
  • Remove a content type from a list
  • Activate the Document Sets feature
  • Create a document set
  • Use document sets
  • Delete a document set
  • Create a document set with document templates
  • Use document sets with document templates


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