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  • Stay productive by utilizing keyboard shortcuts

    Last year at my daughter’s school STEM day, I discussed the crucial skills for IT careers beyond the basics like Maths and English. I emphasized the importance of mastering your computer, particularly through efficient use of keyboard shortcuts. In my post, I cover essential shortcuts that boost productivity significantly—these are simple yet powerful tools to…

  • Master Your Inbox: 12 Essential Email Efficiency Tips for Outlook Users

    n my latest post, I share 12 practical tips for managing your emails effectively using Outlook on both Windows and iPhone. These tips are all about making your email routine simpler and more efficient, from using your inbox as a proactive to-do list to mastering quick archiving techniques and intelligent use of flags. Dive into…

  • We Don’t Need No Notifications!

    In my latest post, I reflect on an experience that got me thinking about digital distractions. Sitting next to someone whose phone wouldn’t stop buzzing, I started questioning the necessity of constant notifications and how to maintain focus with such interruptions. I share some personal strategies that work for me: setting my phone to silent…

  • How rapid digital transformation changes the way we do business

    People, Process, Technology (PPT) framework has a new member. Pandemic. Explore opportunities & advantages to adapt to industry disruptions with digital transformation.

  • Road to Successful Office 365 Governance – Discover, Report, Protect

    COVID era transformed how we communicate inside teams and collaborate with people inside and outside the organization. Read about work from home stats, the impact of Microsoft Teams, and get a glimpse of what future may hold after the pandemic is over.