Security snapshot of the day – SysKit Security Manager v6


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You have probably encountered a couple of very talented people posting stunning photos of themselves or family every day/month/year, like this man who took a photo of himself and his son every year.

At SysKit we are in the business of creating simple tools to manage complex systems. These complex systems are SharePoint, Office 365, and Citrix. And all our tools have a snapshot feature, which in its nature is very similar to taking a photo of yourself every day, but instead of storing colorful pixels we store information about your system at the time when the snapshot was created.

In SysKit Security Manager v6 we have finally introduced the Snapshot feature. This means we will crawl over your Office 365 tenant on regular basis (e.g. every day) and gather information about SharePoint sites, OneDrive, Office 365 groups, and Microsoft Teams. The information we are gathering is basic info about sites, URLs, metadata about all the content that is being stored on SharePoint Online, group, and team structures, and much more. The crown jewel of our data gathering is security. We document all the security group membership, files that are shared in various locations, and permissions given on individual documents.

Once the snapshot is completed you can also schedule various reports to be delivered to members of your team via email. This is very convenient as users don’t have to open the tool to see the reports. The key underlying change we made to make this work is that the Security Manager has the ability to always be on and crawl over your Office 365 tenant even when you are not using SSM.

Here are some snapshots from the latest version of SysKit Security Manager:

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”5″ display=”basic_thumbnail” override_thumbnail_settings=”1″ thumbnail_width=”300″ thumbnail_height=”170″ show_slideshow_link=”0″]To create a snapshot of your own environment you can download a fully functional 30-day trial, or schedule a demo with us.